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Spheroku™ Mobile Game is a radical next step in the evolution of sudoku puzzle. It combines the logic of sudoku with a three-dimensional experience reminiscent of the colorful Rubik's cube. Although the game allows the player to solve puzzles in the traditional 2d sudoku fashion, the heart of Spheroku is a brand new, innovative 3d interface, whereby the 9x9x9 grid is mapped onto a sphere. In addition to logic, memory and observational skills required by sudoku, the player must also use movement and spatial coordination to successfully complete the game. The choice to use colors instead of numbers, also makes Spheroku less intimidating and a more fun game. Normal sudoku rules apply; every column, every row and every 3x3 area surrounded with thick black line can have the same number or color only once. (In Spheroku 3d mode, the rows and columns become horizontal and vertical slices of the sphere).

Available for iOS iPhone & iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets. Check our Online Demo from menu above.

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